The mission of the vocational school of higher education is to implement a modern education that takes into account the technological and social needs in accordance with the fact that the natural growth field of the Turkish Education System is two-year vocational high schools, and to equip the students with qualifications according to the needs of the sector and to make them the demanded employees after graduation.

Our school leads all its students to meet the needs of the contemporary era and the related sectors that they are trained for and prepares students to the professional life with its syllabus that gives priority to practical and professional sides of the academic disciplines in parelel with the principle of  “working during education”.


The success of our school in achieving its aims is gained through its prepatory work towards growth and development,planning every detail of preliminary work and development strategies which are required for a healthy structure and using the most appropriate methods and tools to meet the needs of these requirements.

All our programmes have practice-based syllabus in paralel with the principle of working during education.

Maltepe University Vocational School of Higher Education provides academic training for 15 daytime programmes. Our aim is to keep the contact between students and the sector at a maximum level by having full and part time faculty members and experts who are from the sector.Our success regarding this issue is well proven by the fact that 80 percent of our graduates have started working in institutions related to their field of study.


Maltepe University Vocational School of Higher Education owns one of the most valuable intellectual capital,as being the work place of one of the most knowledgable,skilled and experienced academic staff in their fields of expertise.

At Maltepe University  Vocational School of Higher Education,the courses are given based on practice,moreover,our school is in close touch with the institutions  in the sector and constantly exchanges information with them in order to provide better job opportunities for the students.For we believe in “production in training and training in production.


Director of  T.C. Maltepe University Vocational School