Tourism and Hotel Management

Tourism and Hospitality Program aims to educate middle level managers, with the required knowledge, skills, experience and culture, that are needed by Turkey and the World Tourism industry. The quota of the program for the academic year of 2010-2011 is 33 students, 3 of which is spared for full scholarship students. There is an open admission for the students who have studied in the relevant departments of Tourism and Hotel Management and other vocational high schools.Our graduates can workin hotels, travel agencies and other sectoral businesses. English preparationclass is compulsory. 

During the fourth term of our two year education period, the students have the chance to gain professional practice, nine hours per week, under the name of a class “Professional Practice” along with the internship program that is made possible at Maltepe University Marma Convention Hotel and at the other notable and prestigious health institutions before they graduate.

Undergraduate Programs to be vertically transferred: Business Administration, Business Informatics, Business Administration-Economics, Accommodation Management, Accommodation and Tourism Management, Tourism Management, Tourism and Hotel Management, Tourism and Hospitality. Our graduates, without having the preparation program, can register to the third grade of open education undergraduate programs: Economics, Business Administration.