Radio and Television Programming

Department of Radio and Television Programming trains professionals who offer  the facts and the fiction world to people through radios and televisions that are almost in every part of our daily lives. ‘We’ always talk about or show the Earth, the people, the distances that eyes cannot see in the universe, happiness, sadness, jealousy, knowledge, birth and death, for the fact that we are raised on the basis of team-work, which is the fundemental rule of mass communication. Program production, with division of labor and cooperation, is based on the necessity that production-publication process functions as a seamless whole. The aim of the Department of Radio and Television Programming is to train professionals equipped with knowledge and skills, and that will actively take part in this process by opening the doors to reality and to the dream world.

The quota of the program for the academic year of 2010-2011 is 33 students, 3 of which is spared for full scholarship students. There is an open admission for the students who have studied in the department of ‘Radio-Television’ of technical high schools. English preparation class is optional. Our program instructors consist of people who have degrees in the field and have professional experience in the sector. Therefore, the therotical knowledge may well be put into practice in accordance with the mentality of Vocational Schools of Higher Education. All our graduates can easily find jobs in their field of expertise. The consultancy and professional support is  provided by the department for those who want to get in touch with major institutions of this sector.

Graduates of the Radio and Television Production Program begin their professional lives with the necessary knowledge and training to work as an assistant director, script-writer, reporter, camera operator, text writer, sound person, lighting person, etc.

Undergraduate Programs to be vertically transferred: Press and Broadcasting, Photography and Video, Journalism, Visual Communication Design, Visual Arts and Visual Communication Design, Communication, Communication Studies, Communication Arts, Communication Design, Communication and Design, Media and Communications, Media and Communications Systems, Radio and Television, Radio,Film and Television, Film and Television, Television News and Programming.Our graduates, without having the preparation program, can register to the third grade of open education undergraduate programs: Economics, Business Administration.