Public Relations and Publicity

In this technological era, a cutthroat competition environment rules. To be able to survive in this competitive business environment, businesses are trying to increase their resistance by enhancing various managing methods. Businesses are in need of qualified individuals with modern communication techniques for promoting and marketing their services and products.

In parallel with these developments, Public Relations and Publicity Department aims to educate qualified young people, equipped with professional knowledge and professional foreign language, having professional responsibility, and possesing business ethics, that are needed by the sector which is open for changes and developments.
The quota of the program for the academic year of 2010-2011 is 33 students, 3 of which is spared for full scholarship students.There is an open admission for the students who have studied in the department of ‘Public Relations and Publicity’ of Communication Vocational Schools. English preparation class is optional. Our program instructors consist of people who have degrees in the field and have professional experience in the sector. Therefore, the therotical knowledge may well be put into practice in accordance with the mentality of Vocational Schools of Higher Education.

In our program, in order to make our students affiliated with the sector and have the opportunity to put their vocational education into practice in reputable institutions and organizations; a training program is prepared. Graduates of Public Relations and Publicity Department can work in public relations companies, advertising agencies, public relations departments of various private and public institutions and organizations.

Undergraduate Programs to be vertically transferred: Public Relations, Public Relations and Advertising, Public Relations and Publicity, Communication, Communication Arts, Communication Design, Communication and Design, Advertising Design and Communication, Advertising, Advertising and Public Relations.

Our graduates, without having the preparation program, can register to the third grade of open education undergraduate programs: Economics, Business Administration.