Computer Programming

Computer Programming Department gives education and does research on the structure and development of computer systems, and the effective usage methods of these systems. Educating computer programmers equipped with contemporary theoretical and practical knowledge about these subjects, and their presence in the software sector are very important.

Computer Programming education is for two years.English preparationclass is optional.In the firstyear, basic computer programming subjects such as basic algorithms and programming, data structures, mathematics, computer hardware, digital electronics are essential. In the second year, besides Object Oriented Programming and Internet Programming and Databases, there are also elective technical courses that can direct the students to software, hardware or different areas of computer programming.

There also some non-technical courses that may be required by the computer programmers. The importance of these technical courses will be understood better when the fact that computer programmers work in several kinds of jobs is considered. When our students successfully complete the program, they have their ‘Computer Programming’ diploma.Our graduates generally work as application programmers for computing centers in the sector. They can also work as net programmers, security programmers, etc.

The quota of the program for the academic year of 2010-2011 is 33 students, 3 of which is spared for full scholarship students. There is an open admission for the students who have studied in the department of vocational schools. Most of our graduates work as programmers in different institutions of the sector. Others after passing the vertical transfer exam, continue their education in the undergraduate programs of several universities

Undergraduate Programs to be vertically transferred:Information Technology, Computer Sciences, Computer Engineering, Computer Education, Computer Systems Education, Computer Technology and Information Systems, Computer and Information Systems, Computer Technology, Computer and Control Education, Computer and Instructional Technology Education, Computer-Informatics, Information Systems Engineering, Information Systems and Technology, Electronics and Computer Education, Information Technology, Physics, Statistics, Statistics and Computer Sciences, Control Engineering, Mathematics-Computer, Meteorology Engineering, Applied Mathematics and Computer, Aerospace Engineering, Software Engineering. Our graduates, without having the preparation program, can register to the third grade of open education undergraduate programs: Economics, Business Administration.