Child Development

Our mission is to train child developers who support the development and education of children and young people (both healthy and the ones with special needs), who enlighten families and  society  regarding the healthy development of children, who are skilled at childcare, protection, education and research, and who meet the needs of the sector, in the lights of comtemporary science, technology, education and health requirements. Our vision is to be the department that educates creative and confident child developers who possess social values, who can give caring and education services and who are primarily preferred in the national and international fields of health and education. 

Child Development program was established to meet the need of counseling and education, which make children live in a healthy environment.  The purpose of the program is to train staff for the units which give service to family and community. The program also supports the development of 0-18 year-old normal children and the development of children with special needs. In the program there are theoretical and practical courses related to the education and development of 0-18 year-old children. Applied courses include individual and group education for both the children showing normal development and the children with special needs. All these studies are carried out with field observations and applications. Applications are carried out in public and private pre-school educational institutions, game rooms in hospitals, clinics for children and special education schools and rehabilitation centers. English preparation class is optional. All students, priority given to graduates of ‘Child Development’ program of Vocational High School for Girls, may choose this program. The quota of the program is 44 students, 4 of which is spared for full scholarship students. All our graduates including those of 2010, have been recruited in their field of expertise. Graduates of Child Development Department can work in kindergartens of pre-school education centers of private and state schools, day care homes/ nurseries/ kindergartens affiliated to the Social Services and Child Protection Institution, game rooms of pediatric clinicsand special education centers. Our goal is to train child developers who know the importance of the healthy development and education of children and young people responsible for shaping the future of the country, who can use their advanced theoretical and practical knowledge and skills in the fields of caring and education, who are aware of their professional responsibilities and ethics, who can follow the technology and policies that lead the scientific researches in child development, childcare, health and education, who can identify the problems of child development and education and provide solutions for them, who are open to innovative ideas, value-conscious, attentive, creative and critical thinkers, who can adopt life-long learning and never cease professional improvement, who can establish effective written and verbal communication and who can effectively take role in the team of health care and education and who have respect for differences and human rights.

Undergraduate Programs to be vertically transferred: Pre-School Education.