Banking and Insurance

This program aims to train qualified personnel that will respond to the needs of  banking and insurance sector. The mission of the program is to educate individuals who are productive and capable of analytical thinking and also researchers who can adapt to changes and who are equipped with theoretical basis and practical knowledge that can work in the global and competitive markets. The vision of the program is to make the students gain ethical values and essential knowledge.

The quota of the program for the academic year of 2010-2011 is 33 students, 3 of which is spared for full scholarship students. There is an open admission for the students who have studied in the relevant departments of vocational and technical high schools. The placement of public and vocational high school graduates in different areas than their own, is based on their horizantal transfer exam score.English preparation class is

optional. Our program instructors consist of people who have degrees in the field and have professional experience in the sector. During the fourth term of our two year education period, the students have the chance to gain professional practice, nine hours per week, under the name of a class ‘Professional Practice’.Graduates of this program, will have the opportunity to work in the organizations and institutions active in banking and financial sectors and also in the organizations and institutions active in financial market.

Undergraduate Programs to be vertically transferred: Actuary, Banking, Banking and Finance, Banking and Financing, Economics, Economics and Finance, Business Administration, Business Administration Enformatics, Business Administration- Economics, Logistics management, Capital Markets, Insurance, Insurance and Risk Management, International Finance, International Management, International Business Administration, International Trade, International Trade and Financing, International Trade and Management. Our graduates, without having the preparation program, can register to the third grade of open education undergraduate programs: Economics, Business Administration.